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Response time is one of the biggest advantages of owning a Fallas machine. With our conveniently located service center at our Waco, Texas, headquarters, a technician can be on your production floor quickly.

Standard parts are shipped same day. Concerns and technical questions are addressed immediately by knowledgeable people (our employees average 10-15 years experience with the know-how to match).

Fallas Automation, Inc.
7000 Imperial Dr
P.O. Box 20354
Waco, TX 76702
P: (254) 772-9524
F: (254) 751-1242

Chris Calabrese
Sales Director

(254)772-9524 ext. 220

Jerry Keller
Director of Customer Service

(254)772-9524 ext. 312

Mark Abney
Service Manager

(254)772-9524 ext. 311

Mary Mathews
Service Coordinator

(254)772-9524 ext. 226

Curtis Gross
Spare Parts Manager

(254)772-9524 ext. 221
Direct: 800.862.6860

Green Initiative

Fallas Automation green initiative policy