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R700 Adabot

The R700 Adabot case packer picks product on the fly and places anywhere in the case.

Adabot-LV MK II

The Adabot-LV MK II, originating from highly successful Adabot, will pack products into retail ready packaging in layflat and vertical configurations.

R400 Case Packer

The workhorse of the industry, the R400, packs flexible bags, rigid and semi-rigid trays, cartons, and more.

G400 Case Packer

The time tested gravity case packer. With over 600 gravity case packers sold throughout the world.

ABB FlexPicker

We have teamed up with ABB to include vision guided robotics in our product line.

CE400 Case Erector

The CE400 case erector is compact and reliable and has the ability to erect RSC and HSC cases. Available with tape or glue.

CS400 Case Sealer

The CS400 case sealer is one of the smallest footprints and available in tape or glue.

Product Lane Diverter

The product lane diverter is used to collate products into groups.

High Speed Staging

Group product at high rates with our dynamic smart-belt staging.

CV700 Case Vibrator

Settle product for overfilled cases.

PDI CSW Case Check Weigher

Designed and built by PDI Inc., the CSW case check weigher has industry standard Allen Bradley™ controls.

Select a Case Packer

Need help selecting a case packer? Check out this white paper.