World class case packers... Simple, Fast, Reliable
We provide full case packing systems from infeeds to case sealers. All systems are tested in-house; that way you know you are getting a system that works well together.
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    R700 Adabot
    R700 Adabot

    The R700 Adabot case packer picks product on the fly and places anywhere in the case.

    R400 Case Packer

    The workhorse of the industry, the R400, packs flexible bags, rigid and semi-rigid trays, cartons, and more.

    G400 Case Packer

    The time tested gravity case packer. With over 600 gravity case packers sold throughout the world.

    ABB FlexPicker

    We have teamed up with ABB to include vision guided robotics in our product line.

    CE400 Case Erector

    The CE400 case erector is compact and reliable and has the ability to erect RSC and HSC cases. Available with tape or glue.

    CS400 Case Sealer

    The CS400 case sealer is one of the smallest footprints and available in tape or glue.

    Auxiliary Equipment

    To compliment our case packers, we provide auxiliary equipment for collation and product handling and case handling.

Some of our Customers

We liked [the Fallas case packer] so much that if we were ever to put another one in we wanted to go with Fallas because it's been basically problem-free from day one. It just runs. Plus parts are in-house and service has been great. Our experience running it has been remarkable.
Bob Rasmussen Ryder Supply Solutions
From concept to installation, Fallas answered our questions, met our timetables and handled our concerns. The installation and training were efficient and thorough and they have been there for any issues since. We were so pleased we bought two more for our Canadian plant,
Gordon Cameron Smarties Candy Company